The Husky Stadium at the University of Washington (my Alma Mater) is being revamped. The south stands are being torn down and replaced. I was wondering how the stands were going to be removed. It is a very large structure made of both structural steel and concrete. Well, it turns out the plan was to have a controlled collapse of the steel stadium roof onto the seats below. Unfortunately something went very wrong and nearly brought down the huge crane that was manipulating the remote cutting device. You can see the crane flexing way beyond its safe design parameters near the end of the following video.

This is my first post attempting to embed a youtube video. Appologies if it doesn’t work.

The first thing that went through my mind was “thank Goodness no one was hurt!” Now I am wondering if this is going to throw a monkey wrench into the stadium reopening schedule. The State construction safety department has opened an investigation and will probably put a stop on any continuing work until there is a solid understanding of what went wrong and a plan to proceed with a new demolition design that will avoid this problem.